All About The Meeting Room 
Mucking in Graham Peddie style.  
The Meeting Room was set up in 2014 by Graham Peddie MBE.  Graham has extensive knowledge with drop-in centres having started The Pitstop in Leatherhead over 20 years ago.  It was due to his excellent work with vulnerable people at The Pitstop that Graham was awarded an MBE.   
Graham is a man who has dedicated to his life to supporting the most vulnerable people in our society.  Many of those people who visit us at The Meeting Room will have complex needs and may have been let down repeatedly over their lives. They may not have the support networks of family and friends that many of us rely upon.   We meet people where they are and our regular and experienced volunteers will work to buiild up a bond of trust .  Over time they learn that we are reliable and trustworthy people who will help them understand support services that are available for them and hopefully guiding them to get the help they need. 
Our team includes Gayle Scrivens who has extensive experience having worked with Graham Peddie at The Pitstop for over 12 years.  Gayles qualifications include Counselling Level 2; Conflict Management Level 2; Substance Abuse and Brief Interventions; Effective Keyworking; First Aid and Food Safety.   
We have other volunteers with legal training, former social workers and others with experience of drug and alcohol counselling.   We also work with a trained Counsellor who provides one to one support for clients in a crisis.  

Our support goes beyond the daily centres and can include the following: 

- Accompanying clients to appointments where they need someone to speak up for them.  This may be an assessment, medical appointment, social workers or legal meetings. 

- Assistance to prevent homelessness, such as helping negotiate debt, helping with maintaining their property and negotiating with housing associations where there has been a problem. 

- Help with paperwork or online forms.  Many clients are not fully literate or unable to use computers so we help them complete necessary paperwork. 

- Running regular self improvement courses.  We have courses scheduled to cover the following:   Mindfulness; Building Confidence and Self Esteem; Managing Finances; Managing Stress and Anxiety.