Case Studies And Client Comments 

Who Are Our Clients
Our clients come from many and varied backgrounds but all find themselves in a tough place in their lives where they are unable to cope.  
Below are some of the issues they may be facing : 

Mental Health Issues

Mild Learning Difficulties

Drug and Alcohol Addiction 

Long Term Unemployed 


Ex Offenders 

Loneliness and isolation

"Sorry I keep crying, I'm just not used to people being so nice to me"

Comment from a young lady suffering from mental and physical illnesses. 

"You are the only people who care about me"
Comment from a 21 year old homeless man who is battling drug addiction problems.  We are working with local services to try and get him the help he needs and find him somewhere to stay. 
"Many thanks for all your hard work and kindness" 
Comments in a card  from a man who is getting back on his feet after 18 months in a local hostel.  
"That is the first hot meal I have had in over a week"
Comment from an elderly lady living in sheltered housing and unable  to cook for herself. 
'Talking to you today has really helped me'
Comment from a very lonely gentleman who struggles with
social interaction 
"Thank you for everything you have done to help and support me.  Will always remember it"
Comment from a homeless man.